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Posted 27 Oct 2012 by Profile Yank
The newest yafu version 1.33 is now deployed for 32/64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux systems.
The version contains some stability and robustness fixes as well as less output. SO the results should be a bit smaller.

Just connected with this project again. Downloaded what I thought was one work work as that is all that showed up on my BOINC Manager. My anti-virus program...AVAST...came up and stated the files looked suspicious but didn't stop the work units. Work unit showed 8 CPU's working. After numerous times the elapsed time for the work units restarted. It would get to about 10 or 15 seconds and restarted again. I aborted that work units and then another new work unit showed up. I went to my computer account page and saw that I had about 40 tasks assigned. Same thing happened for another three or so work units. I then aborted the program.

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