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Posted 22 Jan 2014 by Bryan
Ah yes, credit new the random credit generator!

I think the discussion needs to take place here on the project since this is where the folks are choosing whether to crunch the project or not.

Take a look at 3 of the top four machines under Top Computers:

CPU FP Benchmark Time Credit
I7-2760 2842 10427 2511
I7-3770 4093 10367 474
I7-2600 3316 10413 674

Does it seem equitable to you that a mobile 2.4G processor is making 4 to 6 times the credits of high end 3.4/3.5G desktop processors? Granted the I7 3770 system may be also crunching with the GPU which could affect the results however the I7 2600 has no GPU.

It is easier for you to wash your hands of the problem and refer your crunchers to Berkley. You are however losing folks that would crunch the project if the pay was equitable.

You choose to run credit new and I choose to crunch where mobile laptop processors aren't paid 4-6 times the credits for less work accomplished.

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