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1) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I get YAFU to stop sending me tasks that use up 100% of my cores? (Message 1164)
Posted 4 Mar 2018 by [H]Skillz

4t and 8t tasks uses 4 and 8 cores. But all otheres use as much cores as available. You can select only the 16t tasks in your settings and all cores are used. I would appreciate if more users run the 16t.


The problem with running the 16t and 32t applications is they're a waste of resources. They always get hung up and end up just canceling out. Plus the fact that a 16t (16 thread?) process will utilize all 64 cores of a single rig and take 24+ hours to complete sometimes is a complete waste.

For example. One of my 64 core rigs is running a 32t process right now. It's been running for around 22 hours, but it's only utilizing 7 cores of my system right now. This means this process is letting 57 cores on my rig sit idle, but since BOINC thinks the process is using all 64 of them it wont assign those cores to anything else. Complete waste.

This is why I reverted back to the 4t and 8t processes. At least they run no more than what they claim allowing BOINC to assign those idle cores to different projects.

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