What is YAFU?

YAFU is a alpha project, which main goal is
  • to test the latest BOINC server code for bugs, please report any error which you find in the webpages in the forum
  • to factorize numbers up to 140 digit length which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.
  • to test the latest versions of yafu.
You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.
The project runs without any funding and I'm happy about each donation.
The invitation code for creating new accounts is yafu

User of the Day


yafu-16t single thread bug fixed
The yafu-16t app had a bug and was mostly running with only 1 thread. This scheduler bug is now fixed and the app uses at least 16 threads. Thanks for the people who reported it.
23 Apr 2017, 11:55:18 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 708420 has terminated!!!

9160 sequences below 1000000 left. Yafu@home is working on 3482 of them.

Thanks for your support.
7 Jan 2017, 13:09:49 UTC · Discuss

recovered from server crash
Last night the power supply of the YAFU server died. I could attach temorary a different one and restart the server. But the database didn't start and the DB recovery also didn't worked.
So I made a backup of the project and the project DB and started a 2 month old snapshot.
There I restored the backup and DB backup and now the server is running.
I hope without problems.
19 Dec 2016, 15:26:30 UTC · Discuss

No unreserved Aliquot Sequence below size 134 anymore
I reserved all unreserved Aliquot Sequences with size=133 for the project. There is now no unreserved sequence below 134 any more.

Much thanks for your contribution!
10 Dec 2016, 17:06:00 UTC · Discuss

bootstrap style
In the boinc server a bootstrap style is currently under development. For test purposes I deployed it here in yafu, just to see how it looks like.

14 Nov 2016, 18:28:40 UTC · Discuss

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