What is YAFU?

YAFU is a alpha project, which main goal is
  • to test the latest BOINC server code for bugs, please report any error which you find in the webpages in the forum
  • to factorize numbers up to 140 digit length which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.
  • to test the latest versions of yafu.
You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.
The project runs without any funding and I'm happy about each donation.
The invitation code for creating new accounts is yafu

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The Mad Hatter of Crunching!! The Force is strong with this one!! Go TSBT!!


Aliquot sequence 537510 has terminated!!!
Another sequence was terminated by our project:

19 Sep 2017, 19:19:02 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 498690 has terminated!!!
We terminated sequence 498690

Much thanks for your contribution.
15 Aug 2017, 5:55:32 UTC · Discuss

Yafu back online
Sorry for the last outage. The server is now back online and the DB repaired.

We have now created more then 1 million workunits. Thanks for your contribution.
11 Aug 2017, 17:12:28 UTC · Discuss

Status of all running sequences
There is now an update list of all sequences we currently working on: https://yafu.myfirewall.org/yafu/download/ali/AliquotSeqences.html. An entry in this list is updated once a workunit was finished.

21 Jun 2017, 20:43:46 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 538464 has terminated!!!
We terminated sequence 538464

Much thanks for your contribution.
7 Jun 2017, 18:50:03 UTC · Discuss

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