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Message 517 - Posted: 15 Dec 2012, 19:50:54 UTC

I see the project is temporarily out of work again, and nearly all primes of 112 digits and below in the list have been factored. I wondered if you are considering continuing, perhaps to 120 digits, or if you will just do occasional cleanup runs from now on.

I am reluctant to tie up all of my cores at once to yafu for very long runs, but if I could easily select the number of cores (probably two or three of four in my case) I would be happy to crunch regularly up to 120. I have seen runtimes so far up to 6 hours, or 24 cpu hours. If it took 40 cpu hours to factor a very large number, I could choose to factor it in 13 or 20 wall-clock hours. I would be happy to do one every one or two days provided I could run other work at the same time.

I wondered if you could informally reserve certain numbers so no one else would be likely to try factoring the ones in your queue. I have learned some interesting things about factoring due to this project. I think you might have more interest if you made it easier to learn about factoring. Specific information such as how many "already factored" issues you have would be beneficial.

As far as the deadline scheduling is concerned, I would be happy if I had more control over boinc. I would like to get one yafu task at a time, run it immediately (but swap it out about half the time if it uses all cores), and replace it with another task immediately if it finished quickly. Perhaps the boinc team could be convinced that more flexibility would be useful for other projects also.

Thank you for spending time developing this interesting project.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Future status of project

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