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1) Message boards : Number crunching : All Points from last few days Deleted (Message 523)
Posted 24 Dec 2012 by Profile Cruncher Pete
I just wonder. BoincStats list the Yafu users who have received negative results. Can the database be readjusted to give those users their well earned credit using the -scores from BoincStats?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Too Late To Validate (Message 68)
Posted 3 Sep 2011 by Profile Cruncher Pete
I also feel that there is something wrong with the set up as is. I am running a number of fast machines, i7 980's, the latest BOINC Version and am not running any other projects at the same time. Running 12 threads, it does not complete in time. Please check the number of my WU's submitted that says that it error-ed out, NO CREDIT. Tom needs results in a hurry, we are trying our best but at least give us credit for our efforts...
3) Message boards : News : What is YAFU? (Message 27)
Posted 2 Sep 2011 by Profile Cruncher Pete
Hi Tom. Thanks for the explanation of the project. Whilst it is of no consequence to me as I crunch any scientific endeavor to help, I am not an academic and do not understand what factoring would do for us in the future or how it might help if we discover something as far as numbers are concerned. Is here a simple explanation?

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