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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Incorrect CPU time calculation (Message 1520)
Posted 21 Jul 2020 by Fardringle
I don't know if it's affecting the credits or the actual science being done, but it appears that multi-core tasks are not calculating the CPU time properly.

This 16t task, for example, ran on 20 cores of my Ryzen 9 3900X for the full almost 19 hour run time, but the CPU time of 29.5 hours would indicate that it was only running on 1.56 cores...

And this 4t task ran on 4 cores for 6 hours but only counted 2.75 total hours of CPU time.

In addition, that 4t task got almost 10K credits for 6 hours of work on 4 cores (24 hours of CPU time), and the 16t task only got 20K credits for 19 hours of work on 20 cores (380 hours of CPU time), so the credits definitely aren't consistent for the work being done...

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