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1) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Benefit of computing multithreaded over small tasks (Message 1714)
Posted 3 Apr 2023 by Technik007[CZ]
What actually credit depends on? Run time or CPU time? Or semething else.
Is it any benefit coming from crunching multithreaded tasks eg 1*32T vs 4*8T in terms of processing time and credit gained?
2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Yafu threads (Message 1652)
Posted 29 Sep 2022 by Technik007[CZ]
I have 32 logical cores cpu nad had 2 yafu task running 8cpu + 8cpu so half of cores were not utilized. Selected to receive YAFU-16t tasks and I got one YAFU-16t waiting to run on 32 cores !
So I had to delete that task, set usage limits to 50% in boinc manager preferences and ask for task again and then set it back 100%.
Hopefully I got what I wanted and my cpu was 100% utilized (not most of time of course but sheduled to).
But I don't uderstand why yafu scheduller selects cores this way. Simillary I cannot choose in yafu project preferences cpu limit higher than 8 cores what is quite outdated and I have always got 3*8cpus tasks on 32cores cpu. And nothing more when cpu limit is set to 8cpus.

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