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1) Message boards : News : Project is back (Message 412)
Posted 17 Jun 2012 by Viking69
Did you lose very many participants?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : It's ALIVE ! ! ! (Message 411)
Posted 16 Jun 2012 by Viking69
Notice of outtage

Link to being back
3) Message boards : Number crunching : It's ALIVE ! ! ! (Message 408)
Posted 16 Jun 2012 by Viking69
I had fogotten the message that you would be down, but I thought the web server would have stayed up....But it didn't.

Nice to see things back on track.
4) Message boards : News : Project Outage (Message 407)
Posted 29 May 2012 by Viking69
Time for a VACATION? I understand.
5) Message boards : News : C107 level reached (Message 396)
Posted 18 Apr 2012 by Viking69
OK, got it...Now I understand where you are getting the work.

On the second point, it is not just this project that has done this grabbing too many WU's for a slower PC. I can live with it.
Just burning electricity like there is NO TOMORROW.

Thanks for the detaile reply Yoyo.
6) Message boards : News : C107 level reached (Message 394)
Posted 15 Apr 2012 by Viking69
In March you said we had finished c107's and were moving on to c108, but I just processed a bunch of c105's.
Since you DB doesn't save my history ( probably for space reasons on your server ) I can't tell you how many there were, but I do have 2 left to crunch on my HPTOUCH-PC.

I also find it odd that this and many other BOINC projects send more WU's to my weaker PC's and that my Multi-core, Large RAM, lots of HDD space PC's get releitivly few WU's at a time. My settings are all the same. 100% internet access, 100% task load per project ( for the ones I am active on ).
7) Message boards : News : C107 level reached (Message 388)
Posted 17 Mar 2012 by Viking69
Why stop at c110? Too complex? runs too long?
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Behaviour of MT Threaded Application (Message 374)
Posted 6 Mar 2012 by Viking69
I'm aware this ap is very new. Are there plans to have the progress % complete while the task is processing?

There is currently now way to show a progress bar.

Thanks for your prompt answer

Yoyo, is there a reason as to why this is not possable?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : C107 with mt unknown error (Message 360)
Posted 26 Feb 2012 by Viking69
When I logged in to this PC this afternoon, Windoes had an error widow in the center of my screen stating that the listed excecutable had and error and was closed. When i looked at the system tray that shows the programs that are currently active, BOINC, IE9, Acrobat Reader, etc, I saw that the error popup had 173 items in it. I would have had to click "close program" 173 times to close them all, but I as able to right mouse on the tray icon and close them en-masse.

I did not see this excecutable in the Task Manager of windows on this PC before I closed the errors.

Once I stopped all other BOINC on this PC and got some new YAFU WU's I did see this exact item listed in task manager. BUT NOW, I found out that these were from RSA Lattice Seiving just in the last few minutes. There were none listed in BOINC at the time I had seen the errors, But since I had also just gotten them as I had received new YAFU WU's I made the wrong asumptions. Sorry. My Bad!
10) Questions and Answers : Web site : FIXED: Error message for Message boards (Message 357)
Posted 26 Feb 2012 by Viking69
In the forums I am having an issue with peoples signatures. In IE9 everything after the signature like a linked URL to SETI.USA that looks like a returns an error web page of either a 403 or 404, and the graphic web link that is part of a users profile that is also a tinyurl link has the graphic outline but is listed as a security error w/o the ability to unlock that link.

In Chrome, I see the same issue with the signature link, but the frame of the second object doesn't even show up. If I try to copy the link address out of the post properties page I also do not get to the tinyurl linked object.

This is NOT a huge issue, but this web site is not working like other BOINC projects do in this regard.

But weirdly, my posting on my signature does come thru in both Chrome and IE9.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : C107 with mt unknown error (Message 356)
Posted 26 Feb 2012 by Viking69
My PC listed in post 344 had NO Yafu WU's at the time and still had 173 windows popup erors for the executable

The DB does not show that this PC has had any WU's in the past either good or bad, which is not the case. This was about the first of my PC's to have the software loaded for this project.

I also notice that in BOINC (ver 7.0.8) I do not see the % completed change for this projects WU's as it is running the 2 available cores.
I do have to run BOINC at 50% CPU due to thermal issues in this PC. I need a new CPU cooler fan, and what I have rigged up isn't as efficient as the CPU fan that died.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : C107 with mt unknown error (Message 344)
Posted 18 Feb 2012 by Viking69
Also having an issue with c107

On my Win Vista Ultimate x86, Pent 820D , 4 GB Ram, BOINC ver 7.0.8 I was getting emu.exe errors 2 times I would clear the error message and it would repete itself. Once I suspended this WU it stopped happening. Also after 17+ hours the % completion was at 0 and time to completion was - so I killed it.

ALso had an error on:

Don't know why on this one.

On another note, my IE9 has prevented the signiture graphic of all teh other posters her from showing. The area of the grahic has the "circle slash" blue do not enter icon in the upper left corner. From previoues experiance, this meesn that the graphic wants to set a tracking cookie.

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