What is YAFU?

YAFU is a alpha project, which main goal is
  • to test the latest BOINC server code for bugs, please report any error which you find in the webpages in the forum
  • to factorize numbers up to 149 digit length which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.
  • to test the latest versions of yafu.
You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.
The project runs without any funding and I'm happy about each donation.
The invitation code for creating new accounts is yafu

User of the Day

User profile Profile [SG-FC] dingdong
Hallo, hier ist Arne alias Dingdong! Begonnen mit DC habe ich bereits in Seti - "Classic" Zeiten. Mit Beginn der BOINC - Aera hatte sich...


Aliquot sequence 1991080 and 2484054 have terminated!!!

17 Sep 2020, 5:34:19 UTC · Discuss

Additional Aliquot Sequences
Since some days yafu supports also the project which analyses aliquot sequences starting on integer powers n^i. Those workunits have n^i in the name. Currently we are running such workunits for 1 < n < 13.
30 Aug 2020, 7:23:19 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2448564 has terminated!!!

30 Aug 2020, 5:07:58 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1739160 and 2358432 have terminated!!!

24 Aug 2020, 5:22:39 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2383668 has terminated!!!

2 Aug 2020, 15:12:45 UTC · Discuss

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