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1) Message boards : Number crunching : When should a "stalled" task be aborted? (Message 1591)
Posted 4 Jan 2022 by Profile marsinph
It seems that nobody is reading this thread as no reply from Admin in 2 days. Time to move to another project then.

Yes, I am sure there are people who read.
But not answer.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1420)
Posted 8 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
I agree I am sometimes agressive. But I think I have reason : you escape always the real problem : your WU
I am probably the most agressive. You are right. Then consider all other users. Yafu, Yoyo RNA, all the same problems ?
OK, we are all false, The three PRJ are right,
I will write in capital (blaming, crying...)


Sorry, but you not understand what I write, or ecape
Yafu is not the center of calculation.
My hosts are used to help. Your Yafu WU block all.
Already four times today, I needed to turn off electrical pàwer because your WU FULLY block all.
I think if I decide to give 50% of my computation power to Yafu, it is my decision.
If I want my host to do something else, it is also my decision. Or not ?
The problem and the only problem is that your WU take ALL ressources. freeze computers,
I not more speak about the random given credits.

I think my moderate host with i7-2600K OC to 4.2Ghz is not a little host.
This have also two GTX1060
You can see it. You have acces to all.
So i would like to receive a tehnical answer. Very easy : I do something wrong or it is something wrong with your WU 8
It is what I claim already month ! Not only me. Look only the returnede results on Yafu ! Less and less.....

Oups, once again your WU do nothing (task manager) but not liberate CPU !!! Host 33373
I so many times have propose my help to understand, always refused with ecuses : it is not our fault !
So, if if it is not your fault, explain to all the world what we do wrong !!!

So now enough. I think you know (or perhaps not) about the inter team competition all around the world.
It is a motivation for some less interresting PRJ to get help for research.The best example is ODLK and ODLK1 who gives ridiculous credits.
But the same for everyone. And PRJ is stable, not freeze hosts,....

I suggest you to look our team. We are heavy cruncher eveywhere we can is almost the first with our little power.
On Yafu (without all those problem me alone I have a "computation power" of about 100K/day (at 50% CPU ad 80% Boinc)

Sorry Yoyo, I give it up. If one of your PRJ is seleted for spint, I will not activate my members

And please STOP with your nfs.dat who change every 45 (or each hour), at normal user it is NOT !!!
So, you compare with your own host configured for PRJ, but you (or WU) not send it.

It is not about 2.500WU successfuly, but how much fail, freeze, invalid ....???

I not blame the person "Yoyo" , I blame the system Yafu, Yoyo RNA.
All coming from reichenkraft.....

Yoyo, I am sure you do your best, like me for my team.
I am not professional. I do because I like it (and also SETIBZH)
But please as scientist it is up to you to receive as much as possible results.
Developper is not admin is not moderator, he is scientist !

Oups, once again computer fully blocked. Four time in less than one hour.
Only way : force shutdown.

I defeinitively leave all those project. And will also adise everyone to do the same.
One host fully destroyed because Yafu taka all resources and produce overheating.

Good Bye.

So cruncher attentive on SETIBZH, go ahead,, will nothing more do
To team Brasil and Brony@home ; Go, We nothing more will crunch.You can earn easy point (If you accept the risk that
such project destroy can destroy your PC

Game over Yoyo. I will not repeat on all your PRJ.
Friendly regards
Tou wish to answer pleae by private.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1418)
Posted 8 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
Hello Marmot,
We cross often on forum !!!

I have read 2, 3 4 times tio be sure to understand (I am native french speaking but I do my best)
My Yafu settings (Internet are "small composite" and 4 Cores
Boinc for project, the same..CPU use set on 80%

The problem is that Yafu NOT respect it !

If I try to run ONE, I repeat ONE 4T WU (also on 4Cores from the 8 availale (i7-2700K) Yafu take all

Very often reported to Admin, always the same answer ; users get erdits !!!
It is not the problem. The proble is only on the WU on Yafu, Yoyo and RNA,
Three differents PRJ, but same kind of WU and same admin.....

Isn't there a way to specify the process names which should be throttled?


In TThrottle there is a way to add processes to the recognized list.
I tried using it for YAFU sub processes, but failed after an hour of attempts, so resorted to a global throttle of ThrottleStop (which was already installed and ready to go).

I just tried setting BOINC Manager to 75% maximum CPU usage and it is properly throttling gnfs-lasievexxx today as the processes are going gray for split seconds avery few seconds in process manager. (I remember that prior version of BOINC wasn't doing this but my memory is getting older now and might not be reliable).

So BOINC Mgr can throttle YAFU and protect the CPU from overheating and the OP's problem should be solved.

@marsinph, if you set BOINC to use at most 6 cores then you can only run yafu, yafu small composite and yafu-4t. If you made changes to app_config.xml to allow for 16t by setting virtual core count to 16, then 75% of 16 is 12 cores. At 12 virtual cores you are still using all 8 real cores on Yafu, Yafu composite, Yafu 4t and Yafu 8t if you haven't set specific core and thread counts for each work unit.

So if your virtual core count is 16, you need to set BOINC to 37% or change the app_config.xml (or delete it).

EDIT: Forgot this thread was about 4t only. BOINC setting to 80% CPU is working fine for a 4t WU on this laptop as I type this. Using Process Hacker to watch the WU throttling down.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1416)
Posted 7 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
Hello Yoyo, I never refer about Boinc estimation. You already have explain it.

I only consider the informations about WU it self. Informations sent by the WU (project) it self. Nothing else.
Also estimated GFlops ( i repeat it is an approximatively estimation)

I repeat for the latest time, I NEVER consider the "estimated time" given by Boinc

At me all WU , in properties of WU ( info coming from the WU itself (or PRJ) give a estimation about 10.000Gflops.
Why, on the same host of course, same apps, some runs in about 10 minutes and others about 10 hours (or longer) ???

You speak about a max "predictable" runtime. OK.
You wrote for some WU about 16 hours on mid range host. No problem.
But after 48 hours not finishes on high end !!! And the worst, they freeze host, Freezing, using 100% CPU on all core (with overheating)
What we do wrong ? Explain us what we do wrong !
Our host or the WU are wrong ?
Strange that the same proble occurs on Yoyo@home ! A little less on RNA World
Three PRJ, with the same problems same kind of WU, same .......

Already years a lot of users reports problems and nothing change !
Our fault perhaps ?

Then about nfs.dat and around 45 minutes, it is false. Totally false !
Perhaps, it would be so, but it is NOT ! On one host 12 hours . Not 45 minutes, 12 hours !
There are for some WU without any checkpoint. !

About 100% I repeat once again : the WU are not at 100% with remaining time at "zero",
there are at 100%, Remaining "nothing", and no any change in slot, but CPU use at 100% on all cores.

Yoyo, I want to help. My host are hidden for private reasons, but as admin you can see it.
If you want and wish, I can set some of my host fully and only on Yafu (no any other PRJ).

And once again your 45 minutes, it is FALSE. Totally FALSE !
Short WU have restore point. but the longest have NO ANY restore (check) point.!

But please stop about conideration about Boinc, estimated running time, we are not stupid.
We know the percentage is ot done by Boinc !

I think I am old enough on Boinc (from past century, starting with Seti) to know a little

Best regards.

Regarding runtime prediction an percentage which is displayed in BOINC.

At the end the runtime is not predictable. Only a max runtime is predictable. Therefore I give the workunit this max runtime estimation.
But very often the workunit is much faster, only seconds or minutes. This is because we are doing kind of trial factorisation and very often those trials leads to finding a factor and the workunit finishes much faster.
BOINC "learns" from such computations and "thinks" that a workunit needs only a fraction of my estimation. Based on this BOINC shows the percentage of completion. This percentage is NOT done by the yafu application.
If a workunit doesn't find early factors during this trial factorization it has to go the full NFS (number field sieve) way. When BOINC sees that the workunit takes much longer, the percentage increase is slower and slower and might stay longer time at 100%.
During this last phase NFS writes a checkpoint file nfs.dat. This is used for restarting the app and to continue from the checkpoint.
The nfs.dat is roughly update every 45 minutes.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1412)
Posted 6 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
Hello, but not forget your canceled WU was a 16T.
Normally, if we believe Yoyo, a 4T should take maximum 16 hours on a mid range host.
A i7-2600K OC to 4.2Ghz is more than "mid-range", and it takes much more time.
Considering also no restore point on the big WU (wel on the little) it is much more strange.
Considering Yafu never respect the setting of Boinc (CPU use in %) it produce sometimes
a full freeze of host. Already by several times reported by other users.
Answer from admin : there are WU who are returned, check your host .
Of course ! also have some validated WU (about 10%).
I would like to know the percentage of aborted, error and returned !?

There are similar problem on Yoyo@home

If we were only a couple (few) users, we can think that we all of us do the same mistake. bad config.....
Such problems are reported since 21nov2011 reported !!! And nothing change....
Perhaps a change Inside the WU generation. After eight years,.......

Personaly, I want to help research, buit also not for nothing with only problems

Best regards

I also had a task with a given duration of some hours (2 or 3 ), then it reached 100%, and did never finishe. after several hours I had to cancel it via GUI :
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1410)
Posted 6 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
I cancel !
Again 2 hours running and now fully freeze host (running one task of 4CPU !
See the two WU previous post here below.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1409)
Posted 6 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph

I have no problem with small WU,
But very often with 4T, running on 4CPU.
It is at 100% after about 2 hours. and also remaining time : nothing more.
Yoyo, you wrote that a 4T should take less than 16 hours. OK so far.
Then slot change, regular, so it seems WU is doing something.
nfs.dat already above 1.2Gb and no change !
stderr.txt : 1.4Mb but change each few minutes !
graphics_status.xml return "fraction done" : 1.0
factor.log also changes sometimes

After 16 hours, I needed to restart host. Strange : WU go back to 12 hours.
So no checkpoint the latest 4 hours.

The same with
But this one is now suspened
The same with

Should I abort ?
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Now I leave definitively this bullshit project. (Message 1305)
Posted 30 Nov 2018 by Profile marsinph
Could this be some sort of Windows or Windows 10 error?

CoolAtchOk has Windows systems, I have Linux, I have not seem any evidence of freezing taking place.

His computers are much larger than mine and he says running single WUs or multiple work units at once makes no difference. I don't see any errors related to failed work units so they must all complete somehow.

I only run one WU at a time, the only thing I have noticed is that the multithreaded work units often seem to only use a single core but hold all cores (going on final times reported with run time and cpu time the same).
Could this be an issue with Windows not able to get any cpu time for other things it needs to do (basic house keeping), or perhaps it is a memory issue with it being tied up by the WU and not released so Windows can use it.

Not sure about marsinph, don't know if he is using Windows or Linux, if Windows I don't know if Windows 10 or not.

I know I am not really helping but offered help no matter how poor can still be of some help, sometimes.


Hello Conan,
On all hosts I run I7-2600K, 16Gb RAM, only small and "4T" WU and limited to 4 cores web and local preferences. one WU at the same time.
All hosts under Win7 Ultimate. Three of my hosts are running only BOINC.
No problem of Firewall / AV

I do not think about a memùory problem : I have one WU already 23 hours running (twenty-three) !!!
Then additional problem : no checkpoint !!!

And to conclude, I have read here thjat Yafu not respect the agreement of BAM about limitation.of computings preferences (max CPU, max RAM,....).

9) Questions and Answers : Windows : YAFU locks up BOINC Manager and Explorer (Message 1253)
Posted 9 Sep 2018 by Profile marsinph
I don't see a freeze on 3 different systems (windows7, 10 and Linux) even if I configure 32 cores to use on a system which has only 4. So I assume this has something todo with your system. I do not understand how the system is frozen if yafu didn't consume any cpu as you described above.

I set my preference on 4CP. OK so far.
And to prevent CPU overheating : BAM setting on "not use more than 90% CPU time"
But still the same problem with "small composite" WU.
It runs, and random, it freeze all except "task manager".
But at freeze, the WU still run, process "gnfs.....exe" do something.
It looks like at one moment, the process request CPU task, but not give the process free again.
And of course all other process are fully blocked. Except task manager. The I need to force logoff
So we need to always monitoring host. Impossible to let run alone.
It do the same on all my hosts, but also to other users under Vista or Linux !!!
Does we need to consider that all of us are unable to configure a computer ?
So what happens ?
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : YAFU locks up BOINC Manager and Explorer (Message 1250)
Posted 8 Sep 2018 by Profile marsinph
Hello everyone.
I read very carefylly recommandations from admin.
This morning, i decided to set one of my host (344323), fully and only for Yafu.I also decided to see what happen.
This host have a CPU with TDP 95W, the cooler have a capacity of 235W. So I am sure.
I never use OC. I force manually nominal CPU clock. So no any change of frequency.
I was always checking this host and connected on my Yafu with a other host.
This host run only Win7. Nothing else. It is a host only to crunch. No antivirus, really nothing except drivres.
Look the charactericts of this host, all is open.

So i firt run "small composite WU" Some runs in a few seconds without problem. OK so far.
I also check estimated GFLOPS to run. And compare with the GFLOPS of my CPU.

So, WU 2727437, freeze all after about 30 minuts, only "windows task manager" was able to run.
This WU took all 8Cores. No problem. But at host freeze, this WU did nothing and not use CPU !!!
But blocked host !!!
I forced logoff (with task manager) Again logon. After a few seconds, again hosts freeze !
Once again forced logoff and logon. Then I let run. Till end. OK so far.

Then following advise from admin, I changed my web preference :
Thjen deleted all WU, and after change Use at most 4 cores and run only YAFU-4T.
I received 3WU, "Yafu-4T..."
Result : the first started to run using 4Cores. OK so far (WU 2731476)
But then Yafuwrapper started the second WU (2731227).
My preferences are set to not use more than 4 CPU.
So I suspended the WU, and let run only the first.
In "Windows task manager", only about 50% of CPU (dispatched on all core) was used.
I was happy.
But not !!! After about 20 minits, hosts again freeze !!!
Forced logoff / logon, then all start normaly.

Then I follow recommandation of admin : I changed my preference to "small WU and 4 cores"
OK, it not freeze, but it give credits who not follow the logical of the project.
Each project give credits like they want. OK so far.For example : "Prime grid" give 3371cr/wu) without considering the host.
It is not honnest, but they decide.

To comment Admin about limitation of three WU, I agree and understand. No need to overload DB and server.
Better quality than quantity.
Once again, i fully agree.
BUT and ther is the problem : YAFU is candidate to the next challenge on "formula boinc"
Once again, i understand and agree Admin. But then if Yafu sytart the challenge (13th september), then you will need to produce
thousand of WU. With thousand of rejected WU because people will abort the freezing WU.
I really think, it is suicide for your project.

Look only your stats !!! Since years, fewer and fewer participants !!!

It is a real problem with this project. OK it is a Alpha, that sometimes something can be wrong, I understand it, BUT it will not say that developer need to do nothing to make it better. The problem of freezing is very old and nothing change.

Best regards from Belgium first team very disappointed !!!

11) Questions and Answers : Windows : YAFU locks up BOINC Manager and Explorer (Message 1248)
Posted 7 Sep 2018 by Profile marsinph
Also the same for me !!!
Look the following thread !!!:

After suspending WU for one months, today, I decide to try again.
I hpoed the Admin would consider all previous.
Nothing !!!

The problem is into the "yafuwrapper.exe" file. For a few seconds, it take all resources to start sequence or finish and make final report.
OK so far.
But the CPU is fully charged. No problem for a few seconds. Not for hours !!!
Then this project not respect our CPU limitation on BAM.
I think, it is my own host. I decide the use of my host.
If I decide to give maximum 80% of my ressources, It is my choice.
But this project not respect it. Read all thread here above...
The problem is only that the this wrapper, who take all ressources not gie free back !!!
It is why all our hosts crashes or blocks.

Only one example : this WU :

It runs very fast but fully blocks my host. Only "windows task manager" was available.
All other programs were frozen. CPU usage on 2%, RAM usage about 10%. So normally enough ressources
But this wrapper not give ressource back to operating system . (I speak only about Windows)
Also progress of this WU on Yafu was frozen.
Only , after full restart of my host, I see the WU is validated !!!

Conclusions, I already , months ago, let know the problem. But no any change from Admin !!!

And if it was not enough, this project is candidate to FormulaBoinc Sprint !!!
Then this project send only three WU per host. I understand and agrree the reason.
Today, they have only about three thousand WU available, It will say for 1,000 hosts.
With the risk of hardware problems 'overheating)

Best reagrds from Belgium.
I hope this time Admin will have reaction, instead of the latest who suggest we are all not capable to use and onfigure a computer !!!!
It is written in one of the thread here above !
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Now I leave definitively this bullshit project. (Message 1236)
Posted 14 Aug 2018 by Profile marsinph
I am tired to manually unfreeze my hosts because the WU are freezing all hosts.
It is not serious.
I have spent month to help,
Enough is enough.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Slower and slower, then sticks at 100% (Message 1235)
Posted 14 Aug 2018 by Profile marsinph
Ben non Jerome !!!
Entretemps, vous l avez surement remarqué.
Le delai actuel pour renvoyer le resultat est de moins de 48 heures sur ce projet !!
De plus beaucoup de contraintes
Si vous cherchez des credits : Collatz et PrimeGrid sur GPU
Sur CPU : CitizenScienGrid (long, mais beaucoup de credit .
PrimeGrid aussi en CPU

Tout les chiffres cidessous sont basés sur ma plateforme de reference : I7-2600K-16RAM-GTX950
14) Message boards : Number crunching : gnfs-lasieve processes and cpu time (Message 1234)
Posted 14 Aug 2018 by Profile marsinph
Runtime and cputime is meassured by BOINC client.
Don't know how and why it is wrong.
Maybe child and subchild processes are not considered correctly.

So If I follow the way of thinking , all people participating on this project are wrong, can not use computer !!!
Please admin, reconsider your WU !!!
Look to my post. !!
Today I tryed gain to crunch. Perfekt the same as before.
Impossible to run a other program together with YAFU. I speak about program, not other BOINC.
After a few second opening something else, all freeze.. And CPU do nothing 'except task manager).

I tryed to copy/pasrte on my host the different reports here on forum. Impossible !!
I will help and I will understand. But then send me a private message with a valid mail. I will spent time. But I prefer other project who runs without problem.
Look , please all hystory of WU 2584093 who ran on host 33373.
Today, after 3 restart, it is at 95% at 18:02GMT
Three times I needed to unfreeze host by "forced log off".
I answer from a other host, because if I do it from the running host once again it will freeze.

And not forget YAFU is candidate for SETIBZH / FormulaBoinc.One of the requirement there is to have a stable environments, Not a Beta and also not a "test".

I suggest you correct the problems.

Best regards from the first Belgian team.
Please look my signature also from BOINC.BE !!! We are serious,
15) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1209)
Posted 6 May 2018 by Profile marsinph
Once again, i repeat that my setting on BOINC are set to 75% of CPU and 80% of CPU time.
With other words with 8 cores CPU, using 75% it will say at most using 6 from the 8 CPU's
Then 80% of CPU time totally, for the 8 cores, BOINC may use at most about 70% of total power.
It works perfect for all project, except Yafu who ignore the restriction of Boinc.
This on all my hosts
I would be able to make a screenshot, but when it happens, all is frozen.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1205)
Posted 28 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
I leave.
I will suggest to the first belgian team to leave this project.
Everyone have the same problem in our team.
I mean everyone running Win7 X64.and running other projects.
This one need all cores. Impossible tu run together wuth Einstein GPU
It will be stupid to crash our CPU.
Good bye.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1203)
Posted 25 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
Hello Marmot.
On Z77 and Maximus host, there is only Win7 Ultimate and drivers. nothing else.
There are used pnly to crunch WU.
The only internt connections are to project and BAM.
On host 33275, they are security. But BOINC folder also associated folders are excluded from scan
On my router, I have manbually allow the IP adress from te project's server.
Perfect the same. With/without security, always the same.
It seem Yafu not like I7-2600K /Win7 Ultimate (official, not cracked) !!!
Look to all my stats.....
I will not more accept WU from this project. I will stay visible because I use BAM and synchro
To be sure on host 33275, all is manual. Not say " it is the reason".
All works perfect with all project except this.
If we look to stats, very few persons are working.
No any real answer from Admin.
Thank you for your answer. I know you are also on many other projects and member of Gridcoin.!!!
Best regards from Belgium
18) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1198)
Posted 15 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
it do perfect the same on my second host.
Once again Yafu take 100% non stop.
In my BAM also in my computing preference here on my account page ,
there are restriction : " use max 90% cpu time (.to reduce and prevent over heat).
Yafu ignore it. With results of host not more can do something (exept task manager.
I will not put my CPU in danger for Yafu who ignore the settings.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1196)
Posted 12 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
Thank you for answer.
Next time, I will make a screenshot and send by privaye message.
Best regards
20) Message boards : Number crunching : YAFU 4T freeze computer (exept task manager !!!! (Message 1194)
Posted 12 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
No any answer !
I forgot to say, my prference are set "not use more or 90% CPU time"
Also in my BAM it set at not use more 80% (to prevent overheating of CPU)
The latest will say 3 second working one second wait.
As good as i know, the BAM setteings have priority on project setting (unless other specified)
So BAM says 80% CPU time max. YAFU 90% max (from the 80%)
So normally YAFU can use max 72% of CPU.. It is mathematical !
But, and here is the problem. Sometimes YAFU take 100% of CPU (so reported my task manager)
I means "yafu.exe" , and when it freeze it is "yafuwrapper_26014.......exe" who takes 100% CPU,
I alwys need to force logoff to unfreeze my host, by using task manager. All other software are also frozen !.
I also tryed to give (in task manager) priority "below normal". Nothing change.
Who can explain ?

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