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Tomasz R. Gwiazda ("Hello I'm Thomas from Boinc@Poland Team My current stats: Join us at...")
taurec ("PROUD MEMBER OF TEAM SETI.GERMANY Hi, I was born in 1957 and I live...")
trigggl ("I'm a survivor of a brain tumor since '94, but in spite of that, I'm still able to perform...")
thebestjaspreet ("A successful mechanical engineer from India.Presently on medication due to some severe...")
tocx ("Member of SETI.Germany "You can just hang around outside in the sun all day,...")
Thomas Aldieri
Tomasz Kaczmarek ("Radio Avant Muzyka niesiona kilometrami ... Endomondo")
Terminator ("Hallo,mein nick ist Terminator und ich bin im Team SETI.Germany.Meine Hobby`s sind Computer...")
Tuna Ertemalp ("Born in Germany (Öhringen), raised in Turkey (Istanbul), all grown up in USA...")
Thyler Durden@P3D ("Hi i am Thyler Durden, The first DC Unit i make this for SETI 1.0 and finish this...")

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