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Aliquot sequence 2288076 has terminated!!!

30 Dec 2019, 20:31:25 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 397962 has terminated!!!

25 Dec 2019, 15:28:51 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 365022 has terminated!!!

24 Dec 2019, 7:12:32 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2075664 has terminated!!!

20 Dec 2019, 12:59:13 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2143128 has terminated!!!

4 Dec 2019, 20:51:59 UTC · Discuss

Problems providing new workunits
The back end which provides the composites which we factor has some problems. I hope this will be fixed, so we can provide workunits.

29 Nov 2019, 15:54:53 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2096544 has terminated!!!

5 Nov 2019, 19:11:36 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1839504 has terminated!!!

11 Oct 2019, 16:46:17 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1822344 and 2019552 have terminated!!!

16 Sep 2019, 19:16:42 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2077650 has terminated!!!

12 Sep 2019, 17:36:39 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2185560 has terminated!!!

5 Sep 2019, 3:57:34 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1933032 has terminated!!!

2 Sep 2019, 17:13:46 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2272032 has terminated!!!

7 Aug 2019, 15:40:05 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2297910 has terminated!!!

4 Aug 2019, 5:45:13 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1280190 has terminated!!!

29 Jul 2019, 16:35:54 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1794744 and 2311524 have terminated!!!

22 Jul 2019, 14:48:08 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2155242 has terminated!!!

11 Jul 2019, 18:53:15 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1480050 has terminated!!!

1 Jul 2019, 3:50:57 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2133740 has terminated!!!

23 Jun 2019, 6:41:18 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2080320 has terminated!!!

17 Jun 2019, 14:09:52 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2199210 has terminated!!!

27 May 2019, 20:34:45 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1753230 has terminated!!!

22 May 2019, 16:49:50 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2235856 has terminated!!!

10 May 2019, 3:28:38 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1880736 has terminated!!!

7 May 2019, 19:40:15 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1852032 has terminated!!!


7 May 2019, 18:44:33 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2119248 has terminated!!!

3 May 2019, 16:01:47 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1465596 has terminated!!!

2 May 2019, 18:59:11 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1788660 has terminated!!!

1 May 2019, 5:49:14 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2221866 has terminated!!!

1 May 2019, 5:46:38 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1766376 has terminated!!!

3 Apr 2019, 19:58:24 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 2170080 has terminated!!!

28 Mar 2019, 19:45:17 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1465290 has terminated!!!

27 Feb 2019, 18:53:13 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1669728 has terminated!!!

14 Feb 2019, 18:15:20 UTC · Discuss

Move to a new location in February
In February the yafu server will move to a new location. This might happen around the 18.. In worst case the will take 3 days in best case only some hours.
31 Jan 2019, 20:51:44 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1063998, 1272960have terminated!!!

28 Jan 2019, 14:15:22 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1826796 has terminated!!!

1 Jan 2019, 17:05:50 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1328850 has terminated!!!

26 Dec 2018, 7:06:56 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1839438 has terminated!!!

25 Dec 2018, 20:50:16 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1850706 has terminated!!!
22 Dec 2018, 21:36:32 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1511640, 1740312 have terminated!!!
21 Dec 2018, 20:09:40 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1368360, 1968870 have terminated!!!
15 Dec 2018, 9:42:26 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1837206, 1339866, 1825824 have terminated!!!
12 Dec 2018, 20:16:52 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1454064 has terminated!!!

9 Dec 2018, 18:49:24 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1726752 has terminated!!!

8 Dec 2018, 14:51:41 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1000152 has terminated!!!

5 Dec 2018, 21:25:36 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1448328 has terminated!!!
3 Dec 2018, 20:56:34 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 92576 has terminated!!!

1 Dec 2018, 22:24:51 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1638832 has terminated!!!

1 Dec 2018, 14:46:01 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1534932 has terminated!!!

20 Nov 2018, 18:30:51 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1894788 has terminated!!!

18 Nov 2018, 7:40:58 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1200162 has terminated!!!

15 Nov 2018, 19:37:52 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1943214 has terminated!!!

15 Nov 2018, 17:34:31 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1428144 1464990 1738272 1813080 terminated!!!

10 Nov 2018, 10:30:59 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1791834 has terminated!!!

8 Nov 2018, 18:48:51 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1602396 has terminated!!!

24 Oct 2018, 18:19:43 UTC · Discuss

Badges! We have badges.
Thanks to rebirther we have now badges. Have fun on your badge hunt.
13 Oct 2018, 18:37:01 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1494780 has terminated!!!

13 Oct 2018, 16:50:32 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1371780 has terminated!!!

4 Oct 2018, 16:49:11 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1592796 has terminated!!!

5 Sep 2018, 17:14:10 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1404060 has terminated!!!

29 Aug 2018, 18:08:10 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1012992 has terminated!!!

23 Aug 2018, 15:42:19 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1212816, 1593192, 1180854 have terminated!!!

16 Aug 2018, 15:58:00 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1253010 has terminated!!!

6 Aug 2018, 18:41:51 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 625758 has terminated!!!

4 Aug 2018, 19:15:58 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 81696 has terminated!!!

1 Aug 2018, 19:18:18 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1606578 has terminated!!!

1 Aug 2018, 16:49:13 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1516116 has terminated!!!

29 Jul 2018, 5:08:11 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1390920 has terminated!!!

25 Jul 2018, 15:45:40 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1112544 has terminated!!!

20 Jul 2018, 16:20:08 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1230168 has terminated!!!

16 Jul 2018, 14:46:27 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1113336 has terminated!!!

14 Jul 2018, 3:28:33 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1592640 has terminated!!!

11 Jul 2018, 20:19:26 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1210632 has terminated!!!

9 Jul 2018, 19:06:31 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 318828 has terminated!!!

23 Jun 2018, 1:19:46 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1371600 has terminated!!!

8 Jun 2018, 20:48:37 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1451700 has terminated!!!

5 Jun 2018, 20:38:32 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 829836 has terminated!!!

28 May 2018, 5:38:07 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequences 1461198, 1345380 and 1094292 have terminated!!!

19 May 2018, 5:45:30 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1272336 has terminated!!!

16 May 2018, 8:09:11 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1007604 has terminated!!!

16 May 2018, 8:06:25 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1364328 has terminated!!!

1 May 2018, 6:59:22 UTC · Discuss

WU reordering 32t -> 16t -> 8t
Since the 8t queue gots empty and 16t queue had only less workunits, I moved unsent workunits from 16t -> 8t queue and 32t -> 16t.

18 Apr 2018, 20:52:29 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 287304 has terminated!!!

13 Apr 2018, 15:55:42 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1386294 has terminated!!!

28 Mar 2018, 17:00:37 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1139964 has terminated!!!

26 Mar 2018, 6:52:22 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1273716 has terminated!!!

25 Mar 2018, 19:45:33 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1189328 has terminated!!!

19 Mar 2018, 21:25:57 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1371594 has terminated!!!

16 Mar 2018, 7:55:24 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1163160 has terminated!!!

13 Mar 2018, 11:49:37 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1397536 has terminated!!!
3 Mar 2018, 20:33:06 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1157682 has terminated!!!

22 Feb 2018, 8:45:23 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1297184 has terminated!!!

18 Feb 2018, 6:59:07 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1273692 has also terminated!!!

13 Feb 2018, 20:42:33 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1268784 has terminated!!!

13 Feb 2018, 20:39:50 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 36348 has terminated!!!
Sequence 36348 terminated!

26 Jan 2018, 22:02:58 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 629172 has terminated!!!
Aliquot sequence 629172 terminated:

20 Jan 2018, 15:02:37 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 965208 has terminated!!!
Sequence 965208 has terminated!

19 Jan 2018, 16:18:38 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1164432 has terminated!!!

6 Jan 2018, 7:34:42 UTC · Discuss

The new year starts with 2 sequence terminations.
Aliquot sequences 541872 and 1183656 have terminated.

2 Jan 2018, 19:20:52 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1978340 has terminated!!!

17 Dec 2017, 7:12:15 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1052310 has terminated!!!
Aliquot sequence 1052310 has terminated:

10 Dec 2017, 18:14:01 UTC · Discuss

yafu server crash
last night the server crashed and was not able to restart properly. DB and filesystem were damaged. I restored an 8 hour old DB backup and was able to repair also the filesystem. Hopefully not too much was destroyed.
6 Dec 2017, 18:37:04 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1211160 has terminated!!!
Again a sequence from the extended range up to 2e6 has terminated.

30 Nov 2017, 18:40:20 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 1952670 has terminated!!!

22 Nov 2017, 18:12:05 UTC · Discuss

New Aliquot Sequence range opened
We expanding our research now to not terminated Aliquot Sequences between 1e6 and 2e6. This means that there will be more work now also for YAFU-small, YAFU and YAFU-4t applications.
4 Nov 2017, 10:52:08 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 231552 has terminated!!!

23 Oct 2017, 20:23:01 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest server version
The server was updated to the lates BOINC server version. Please check for problems.
29 Sep 2017, 7:46:05 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 537510 has terminated!!!
Another sequence was terminated by our project:

19 Sep 2017, 19:19:02 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 498690 has terminated!!!
We terminated sequence 498690

Much thanks for your contribution.
15 Aug 2017, 5:55:32 UTC · Discuss

Yafu back online
Sorry for the last outage. The server is now back online and the DB repaired.

We have now created more then 1 million workunits. Thanks for your contribution.
11 Aug 2017, 17:12:28 UTC · Discuss

Status of all running sequences
There is now an update list of all sequences we currently working on: An entry in this list is updated once a workunit was finished.

21 Jun 2017, 20:43:46 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 538464 has terminated!!!
We terminated sequence 538464

Much thanks for your contribution.
7 Jun 2017, 18:50:03 UTC · Discuss

Recent sequence merges
2 of the aliquot sequences we handle have merged with other sequences:

951060 seems to have merged with 398376
372402 seems to have merged with 354620

So 2 more sequences are removed from the to do list of the open sequences below 1 million.
10 May 2017, 17:44:31 UTC · Discuss

BOINC-Treffen in Wieda, Germany, 2.-5. Juni
Vom 2.-5. Juni findet in Wieda im Harz das 8. teamübergreifende BOINC-Treffen statt. Es werden Mitglieder verschiedener Teams und Projekte dabei sein und wir werden gemeinsamme Ausflüge unternehmen, grillen und einfach mal Leute in der Realität treffen, die man sonst nur Online kennt.

Es sind noch einige Plätze frei. Näheres zur Teilnahmen und das Antragsformular finden sich bei uns im Forum.

Ich freu mich Euch dort zu treffen.
25 Apr 2017, 18:37:51 UTC · Discuss

yafu-16t single thread bug fixed
The yafu-16t app had a bug and was mostly running with only 1 thread. This scheduler bug is now fixed and the app uses at least 16 threads. Thanks for the people who reported it.
23 Apr 2017, 11:55:18 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 708420 has terminated!!!

9160 sequences below 1000000 left. Yafu@home is working on 3482 of them.

Thanks for your support.
7 Jan 2017, 13:09:49 UTC · Discuss

recovered from server crash
Last night the power supply of the YAFU server died. I could attach temorary a different one and restart the server. But the database didn't start and the DB recovery also didn't worked.
So I made a backup of the project and the project DB and started a 2 month old snapshot.
There I restored the backup and DB backup and now the server is running.
I hope without problems.
19 Dec 2016, 15:26:30 UTC · Discuss

No unreserved Aliquot Sequence below size 134 anymore
I reserved all unreserved Aliquot Sequences with size=133 for the project. There is now no unreserved sequence below 134 any more.

Much thanks for your contribution!
10 Dec 2016, 17:06:00 UTC · Discuss

bootstrap style
In the boinc server a bootstrap style is currently under development. For test purposes I deployed it here in yafu, just to see how it looks like.

14 Nov 2016, 18:28:40 UTC · Discuss

No unreserved Aliquot Sequence below size 133 anymore
I reserved all unreserved Aliquot Sequences with size=132 for the project. There is now no unreserved sequence below 133 anymore. We increased many sequences in it's size and some were also terminated.

Much thanks for your contribution!
12 Nov 2016, 13:21:42 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 498666 has terminated!!!

24 Oct 2016, 15:28:38 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 763926 has terminated!!!

6 Oct 2016, 17:28:11 UTC · Discuss

Join the Yafu Autumn Race
On 14. of October starts the Yafu Autumn Race, which runs for 5 days.
2 Oct 2016, 8:36:25 UTC · Discuss

No unreserved Aliquot Sequence below size 131 anymore
I reserved all unreserved Aliquot Sequences with size=130 for the project. There is now no unreserved sequence below 131 anymore. We increased many sequences in it's size and were also terminated some.

We got a little bit stuck on the very big numbers. Only 2 have 16 or more cores in their system and run the YAFU-16t application.

But currently there is also enough work to do for the standard YAFU app.

Much thanks for your contribution!
24 Aug 2016, 12:54:46 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 862002 has terminated!!!
Thank you all for the next termination:

13 Aug 2016, 21:10:21 UTC · Discuss

Bandwidth increased
I increased my internet bandwith. You can now download the apps from yafu 10 times faster as before, with roughly 6 MBit/s.
28 Jul 2016, 19:45:40 UTC · Discuss

Upcoming Challenge on 25. July
The yafu server has limited download bandwidth. So attach to the project before challenge start date to download the app.
17 Jul 2016, 9:52:20 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 244872 has terminated!!!
Another sequence terminated.

1 Jul 2016, 6:46:40 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot sequence 382248 has terminated!!!

Thank you all for your support!
30 Jun 2016, 18:16:07 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot Sequence 86638 terminates

4 May 2016, 12:10:08 UTC · Discuss

Aliquot Sequence 798792 terminated

5 Apr 2016, 7:41:28 UTC · Discuss

We accepting donations.
The YAFU@home project accepts now donations via Paypal, Bitcoin and Gridcoin.
2 Apr 2016, 19:23:42 UTC · Discuss

Sequence 474376 terminates
Sequence 474376 terminated:

12 Mar 2016, 11:38:03 UTC · Discuss

https access
Thanks to the initiative the server runs since some days https with a free letsencrypt certificate. We will see if in 2 month the automatic recertification works.
27 Feb 2016, 11:29:22 UTC · Discuss

Server update to Debian Jessie
The server runs now Debian Jessie. I hope everything is fine.
20 Feb 2016, 22:10:41 UTC · Discuss

Sequence 519678 finished
We finished sequence 519678

23 Jan 2016, 7:09:09 UTC · Discuss

On which Aliquot Sequence we are working?
We work currently on round about 1400 different sequences. These are the sequences with start term below 1 million. Each workunit is the last composite number in a different sequence.
On this page search for yoyo and you see which sequences we are working on.

Each workunit is named like this: yafu_ali_90930_L129_C125_1452456342_32. The first number (90930 in this case) is the sequence. More information about this sequence can be found on factorDB.
10 Jan 2016, 20:59:05 UTC · Discuss

Sequence 336180 finished
We finished sequence 336180

5 Nov 2015, 13:34:08 UTC · Discuss

update to latest Boinc Server version
The server runs now the latest server source code version.
2 Nov 2015, 10:48:42 UTC · Discuss

html screensaver
Yafu has now a html screensaver. You can help to make it nicer. Check the forum thread how you can do this and send your results to me.
23 Oct 2015, 22:24:51 UTC · Discuss

additional sequences added
Some days back I added 230 new sequences with a size of 121 which we will bring also to a size of 130 (or they terminate before). Together with the remainig ones the ones which have run to a size of 130, we have 236 sequences running. Means 236 wokrunits are cycling through the Boinc system.

20 Aug 2015, 19:38:58 UTC · Discuss

New accounts only with invitation code
New accounts can only be created with an invitation code now. The invitation code is stated on the project start page. This is introduced because of so many spam accounts which were created in the past.
Additional I removed all accounts which have no credits and no hosts assigned.

17 Aug 2015, 15:51:58 UTC · Discuss

57 sequences left
57 aliquot sequences left which needs to run until a size of 130 is reached. In the meantime sequence 267102 finished.

29 Jul 2015, 19:05:07 UTC · Discuss

137 sequences left
137 sequences left which on the way to proceed from sequence size 120 to 130.
In the meantime sequence 804192 finished.

19 Jul 2015, 9:14:18 UTC · Discuss

240 sequences left which on the way to proceed from sequence size 120 to 130.
In the meantime sequence 387696 finished.

5 Jul 2015, 19:19:25 UTC · Discuss

App for small composites
I added a Yafu app for small composites. Composites below 110 digits goes to this app.
28 Jun 2015, 17:24:05 UTC · Discuss

update to latest Boinc Server version
The server runs now the latest server version. Please check for problems and report them in the forum.
25 Jun 2015, 18:23:38 UTC · Discuss

423 sequences left
And it continues, we have only 423 sequences left to bring them to a size of 130.
18 Jun 2015, 19:50:18 UTC · Discuss

564 sequences left
564 Aliquot Sequences left which have to go to a length of 130.
8 Jun 2015, 7:52:53 UTC · Discuss

658 sequences left
658 sequences are now cycling through the queue and have to go to a size of 130.
31 May 2015, 16:31:38 UTC · Discuss

708 sequences left
nearly 50 were pushed to a length of 130
23 May 2015, 10:45:13 UTC · Discuss

755 Aliquot Sequences left. 30 we pushed up to a size of 130.
9 May 2015, 7:55:22 UTC · Discuss

disk errors solved
In the last weeks yafu crashed sometimes because of disk errors. I replaced the small hard disk with an SSD and hope the server is now much more stable (and faster) even when I'm abroad.
4 May 2015, 19:43:17 UTC · Discuss

785 Aliquot Sequences left
Since some weeks we are running composites from Aliquot sequences. Goal is to bring the sequences to a size of 130. Currently are 785 Aliquot Sequences left in our queue.
28 Apr 2015, 20:03:26 UTC · Discuss

Android 5 Lollipop version
We released now a Android 5 version for test purposes. If it runs well it will be deployed in yoyo@home. Please test if it is running on your Android 5 system.
26 Feb 2015, 15:05:50 UTC · Discuss

Searching for Android 5 (Lollipop) devices

I want to compile a dnetc version for yoyo@home which runs also on Android 5 (Lollipop). The current version doesn't run there.
So if you own a Android 5 device or know somebody who has one, please attach to yafu. Currently this should lead to errors. But keep them attached so I can provide a new version and see if it is running.
Please ask also in the forum of your team.

Many thanks,
25 Dec 2014, 17:52:59 UTC · Discuss

C117 seen
The workunit generator decided to take some C117 numbers. Take care once they are sent out.
14 Nov 2014, 18:34:34 UTC · Discuss

Provider problems
I have currently problems with my provider. Therefore the server is sometimes for some hours not reachable.
28 Oct 2014, 21:27:14 UTC · Discuss

Number of threads changed
Now it it possible, that yafu uses 1 to 512 cpu, before it was 2 to 16. I would be nice to know how it runs on systems with many cpus.

10 Oct 2014, 10:49:15 UTC · Discuss

update to the latest boinc server version and Debian wheezy
The server was updated. I don't see problems in the logs. Please check if everything is working.
3 Oct 2014, 18:09:28 UTC · Discuss

Next Level C116 reached
Now the first C116 (composites with 116 digits) are in the queue.
14 Aug 2014, 6:09:17 UTC · Discuss

update to the latest boinc server version
The server was updated to the latest Boinc server code base.

Please report problems.

1 Jul 2014, 18:39:59 UTC · Discuss

Problems with yafu server
the yafu server runs in a virtual box (4.3.10) VM on my 64 bit Win 7 Laptop. Round about 6h after the VM was started I get an BLKCACHE_IOERR from virtualbox which usual means that the disk is full. But it's not. The host has 40GB free disk and the guest is also only 20% filled.
I did some changes on the system and don't know if it fixes the issue.
I'm abroad the next days. So it might be that the server stops working again until I'm back.
19 Apr 2014, 7:05:47 UTC · Discuss

The new URL of YAFU is now Please remove the project and add it with this new URL. The old URL will stop working in some weeks.
13 Apr 2014, 17:56:26 UTC · Discuss

Project URL change
The URL of the yafu@home project will change in the next weeks. It's not yet decided which will be the new URL. But work generation was stopped to get all tasks finished before the URL change.
9 Apr 2014, 11:41:08 UTC · Discuss

Chemnitz Linux Days 2014
I will be on the Chemnitz Linux Days 2014 from 15.-16.3. in Chemnitz Germany. has a booth in the main hall where you can meet me and other people.
The "Chemnitz Linux Days" is a conference that deals with Linux and Open Source Software. It is open for everyone, novices and experts alike.
13 Mar 2014, 6:36:57 UTC · Discuss

update to the latest boinc server version
The server runs now the latest Boinc server code.
9 Mar 2014, 19:38:31 UTC · Discuss

Next level C115 reached
Already some C115 are in the queue now. Would be good if you can post the longest run times which you saw and on how many cores it happened.
26 Jan 2014, 13:33:37 UTC · Discuss

Workunit creation
New yafu workunits will be created on next Saturday, stay tuned.
30 Dec 2013, 12:18:25 UTC · Discuss

Android App available: Tester needed

I deployed a new application which runs only on Android. This application just runs some benchmarks and tests and will finish after some minutes. Since this is a very first version of an upcomming yoyo@home production application I would appreciated it if you could attach many different Android devices to get more test results.

Kind regards,
21 Oct 2013, 18:50:56 UTC · Discuss

update to the latest boinc server version
The yafu server is now updated to the latest boinc server version.
11 Oct 2013, 20:18:44 UTC · Discuss

yafu is back online
Yafu is now back.
5 Oct 2013, 18:16:38 UTC · Discuss

project shutdown
The project will not generate new workunits for at least 5 weeks. It will also go offline for some weeks.

5 Sep 2013, 9:16:34 UTC · Discuss

update to the latest boinc server version
The server now runs the latest source version and latest translations.
14 Jul 2013, 14:31:57 UTC · Discuss

Next level, C114, reached
Already some C114 are in the queue now. Would be good if you can post the longest run times which you saw and on how many cores it happened. Even for C110, C111, C112 and C113 it would be good to know.
11 Jun 2013, 10:38:24 UTC · Discuss

Test of different Workunits
I changed the workunits a bit. These who have a capital 'F' in it's name. The upload result is now drastic decreased, instead of up to 10 MB it's now less than 10kB.
They seem to run very well. Even the changes assimilator is able to send them back to the factorDB.

10 May 2013, 11:34:52 UTC · Discuss

New Workunits
New work units will be injected beginning of April.
25 Mar 2013, 18:27:54 UTC · Discuss

Version 133.01
This version upgrades to the latest wrapper from berkeley. Just to see that it works.
9 Feb 2013, 20:14:12 UTC · Discuss

Yafu 1.33
The newest yafu version 1.33 is now deployed for 32/64 bit Windows and 64 bit Linux systems.
The version contains some stability and robustness fixes as well as less output. SO the results should be a bit smaller.
27 Oct 2012, 9:25:02 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest version and all translations
The server is now updated to the latest version, which is now stored in a git repository. Please check for bugs.
25 Oct 2012, 18:24:33 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk and all translations
The server now runs the latest trunk version and most resent translations.
7 Sep 2012, 16:27:13 UTC · Discuss

C113 reached
Already some C113 are in the queue now. Would be good if you can post the longest run times which you saw and on how many cores it happened. Even for C110, C111 and C112 it would be good to know it.
27 Jul 2012, 10:59:51 UTC · Discuss

C112 reached
We jumped over C111 and now we are already at C112. Runtimes are still less than 10h on a 8 core system. I think I let it run at least up to C115 or until no user is willing anymore to run the workunits ;)

Cheers, yoyo
24 Jul 2012, 20:39:14 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk version
The server is updated to the latest trunk version.
15 Jul 2012, 1:07:02 UTC · Discuss

C110 reached
We are now at C110 level. Round about 12k workunits are on this level. I watch execution times very closely to decide if we go ahead afterwards with longer numbers. My current view to runtimes is, that 4 additional digits will duplicate the runtime.
13 Jul 2012, 0:14:27 UTC · Discuss

To the racing teams ;)
Some news regarding yafu issues:


Have further fun,
12 Jul 2012, 21:36:02 UTC · Discuss

wrapper update
The wrapper is now updated to the latest version for all applications.
6 Jul 2012, 21:40:48 UTC · Discuss

Project is back
Yafu is now back and running well. I was on a holiday trip in the Alps (Austria and Italy) and shutdown all my home equipment.

16 Jun 2012, 20:26:03 UTC · Discuss

Project Outage
Beginning of Juni the project will have an outage for round about 2 weeks.
28 May 2012, 21:09:59 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk version
The server is now updated to the latest server source version. Please check if everything works as expected.
22 May 2012, 23:32:59 UTC · Discuss

C109 reached
We reached the next level, composites with 109 digits. In generell the should run longer and use more memory. But as usual there are always composites which can be factored very fast.
27 Apr 2012, 22:12:55 UTC · Discuss

C108 reached
We reached the next level, composites with 108 digits. In generell the should run longer and use more memory. But as usual there are always composites which can be factored very fast.

31 Mar 2012, 8:07:43 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk and all translations
Server code updated.
30 Mar 2012, 20:19:10 UTC · Discuss

C107 level reached
We reached the next level, composites with 107 digits. In generell the should run longer and use more memory. But as usual there are always composites which can be factored very fast. Keep also in mind, that the plan is to stop yafu after C110.

16 Mar 2012, 10:23:46 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk and all translations
I updated to the latest trunk version and also all translations. Please check for missing or wrong translations and report them on the boinc translation mailing list.
14 Mar 2012, 17:08:00 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk
The server is updated to the latest SVN version. Also languages were updated. Please check if everthing works well and which translations are missing.

3 Mar 2012, 12:08:30 UTC · Discuss

Some workunits creates to big files. These are not uploaded by Boinc. I fixed it from now in all workunits.
25 Feb 2012, 14:39:42 UTC · Discuss

Update to yafu 1.30
The 32 bit Windows version is now updated to yafu 1.30. This fixes some bugs and has some speed improvements. If this version runs well I update the other apps also.
24 Feb 2012, 22:38:35 UTC · Discuss

New style for Boinc server
Over the past weeks Christian developed a prototype of a smarty template engine integration for BOINC. This will enable projects to change the appearance of their website without changing the php source code. Every template file can be overridden by projects, creating an individual look of their website. It's even possible to integrate another template engine easily. This integration uses the BOINC translation system and has it's own fast caching mechanism.
Currently a CSS grid system with default colors is used but this can be changed if needed.

Please have a look at this new appearance and give some feedback on how you like it.

The prototype can be found at the yafu project:

4 Feb 2012, 19:56:58 UTC · Discuss

Multithreaded App in Test
I test now a Windows 32bit multi threaded application. It uses as many cores as your system has. This is a preparation for composites with more digits.
20 Jan 2012, 18:31:35 UTC · Discuss

C106 reached
We reached now C106 (composites with 106 digits). Each level causes much more processing time. But always there are also a lot of workunits which are very short. There factors were found fast.
4 Jan 2012, 18:26:35 UTC · Discuss

Merry Christmas & a happy new year 2012!

I wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2012!

23 Dec 2011, 15:29:32 UTC · Discuss

Latest translations and trunk version
I updated the server with the latest trunk version which contains also the latest translations. Please check if everything works as expected and if the translations are ok.
18 Dec 2011, 9:52:47 UTC · Discuss

Deutsche Übersetzung aktualisiert
Ich habe die neuste Deutsche Übersetzung eingespielt. Bitte prüft ob alles fein und richtig ins deutsche übersetzt ist. Falls nicht meldet es im Form. Wollen doch mal sehen ob wir das nicht mal rund bekommen.
6 Dec 2011, 21:51:09 UTC · Discuss

Latest trunk version and "like" buttons
The server code is now running the latest svn trunk version. This leads to a no more working scheduler. Therefore the scheduler is now still the old one. I reported this problem to boinc developers.
Additional I added a facebook "like", a twitter and google+ button to the footer of every page. Now you can vote for the project or spread info about your stats, host and team to your social network. The buttons are activated with the first click. With a second click you send your vote. With this I respect privacy and no information is send to facebook, twitter and google by just loading the web page.
26 Nov 2011, 23:24:08 UTC · Discuss

C105, latest trunk, newest translations
We are running now numbers up to 105 digits.
I update the server to the latest svn version. A lot of translation files were also updated. You can check if everything is proper translated.
5 Nov 2011, 17:22:59 UTC · Discuss

Server Online
The YAFU server is back online. You can upload your results even if they are over the deadline. Also new workunits are generated for download.
1 Nov 2011, 18:06:45 UTC · Discuss

Server Offline
From 26 October to 2 November the YAFU server to be offline.
19 Oct 2011, 20:43:01 UTC · Discuss

Need your votes !!!
Vote for e.V. at German bank Ing DiBa and help us to get a donation for our non-profit organization of 1000,- Euro.

Just click on "Stimme abgeben", enter your email and the given code and press "Absenden".

18 Oct 2011, 12:51:34 UTC · Discuss

German translation and latest trunk update
The server is updated with the latest trunk version and the latest German translations.
13 Oct 2011, 20:05:41 UTC · Discuss

C102 and latest trunk
The server was updated to the latest boinc svn trunk version. We are now also sometimes at C102 level.
10 Oct 2011, 19:44:33 UTC · Discuss

Race to #1
Welcome Seti.Germany to there race for #1 in Yafu. The additional cpu power is much welcome since we attacking larger composites. Currently we are reducing the number of not yet factored C100 (composites with 100 digits).
28 Sep 2011, 11:44:30 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk
The server is now running the latest Boinc server code.
24 Sep 2011, 9:24:25 UTC · Discuss

app version 128.05
Some workunits aborts after a restart if they were in the ggnfs part with app exit status: 0xffffffff. This version should fix it.
22 Sep 2011, 19:37:01 UTC · Discuss

yafu app version 128.03
App version 128.03 contains now also gnfs binaries. Gnfs will be used by yafu for factoring of larger numbers. From one size of numbers (depends a bit on your computer, but round about from 95 digits) yafu uses gnfs instead of siqs to factor the composite number because gnfs is faster for these.
16 Sep 2011, 21:07:53 UTC · Discuss

Running C80-C98
The previous range doesn't contain much composites without known factors anymore. Therefore the range is again enlarged to factor composites betwwen 80 and 98 digits. The list of composites which needs factorization can be seen in the factordb.
16 Sep 2011, 19:04:05 UTC · Discuss

Running C80-C95
The previous range doesn't contain much composites without known factors anymore. Therefore the range is now enlarged to factor composites betwwen 80 and 95 digits. The list of composites which needs factorization can be seen in the factordb.
11 Sep 2011, 8:27:37 UTC · Discuss

yafu app version 128.02
The following fixes are now in this version:
all: Continue on break works now. This wasn't the case before.
linux: The app is now static linked, no error anymore regarding missing

I also updated the server to the latest Boinc svn trunk version and latest translations.
8 Sep 2011, 19:13:35 UTC · Discuss

Running C87-C94
The composits which needs factorization are decreasing and new are added to factordb. Therefore we are running now composites between 87 and 94 digit length.
7 Sep 2011, 19:10:31 UTC · Discuss

Primzahlen - Riemannsche Vermutung im TV
Am Mo. 05.09.2011 in 3sat, 21:30, läuft das Programm Die Code Knacker.
Man kann sich die Sendung schon jetzt ansehen.

Datenspeicherung und Datentransfer kommen in unserer digitalen Welt ohne Verschlüsselungstechnik nicht aus. Und die funktioniert mit sehr großen Primzahlen.
4 Sep 2011, 19:12:34 UTC · Discuss

C89 & C90 done
Composites with unknown factors with a length of 89 and 90 digits in the factordb are done now. YAFU now continues with 88, 81 and 92 digits.
4 Sep 2011, 17:43:27 UTC · Discuss

New style for Boinc?
If somebody wants to create a new css for Boinc we can try it here in the project. You would need the Boinc server sources to see which styles are available.
What about a red or green style?
Somebody want to try it?
3 Sep 2011, 17:35:03 UTC · Discuss

Update to latest trunk
I update to the latest trunk version.
3 Sep 2011, 17:27:10 UTC · Discuss

64 bit Apps for Windows and Linux are added.
1 Sep 2011, 21:19:00 UTC · Discuss

What is YAFU?
YAFU - Yet Another Factoring Utility
We are factoring numbers in the range of 70 - 110 digits which needs factoring in the factordb. At the beginning we start with numbers of 89 digits. There are ~ 6700 of them which needs to be factored.
1 Sep 2011, 20:08:49 UTC · Discuss

1000 workunits
Created 1000 workunits and updated to the latest Boinc server version from trunk.
30 Aug 2011, 18:47:31 UTC · Discuss

The project will use always the latest server version from svn and will try to find faults there. So please check all webpages if they are correct and if everything was translated.
28 Aug 2011, 21:38:42 UTC · Discuss

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